Current Research and Working Papers

Please follow the links for documents, data, and results where applicable. The files and documents on this page are not an exhaustive list of my work. This page primarily serves as a repository for files and documents used and referenced in my published works.

THE SPATIOTEMPORAL EVOLUTION OF U.S. CARBON DIOXIDE EMISSIONS: STYLIZED FACTS AND IMPLICATIONS FOR CLIMATE POLICY. Baldwin and Sue Wing, Journal of Regional Science, Vol 53, 2013. This work presents a novel 25 year forecast of state and national CO2 emissions in the United States. For details on the emissions forecast please view the article. Complete state and national level emissions forecasts are available from the authors.

Detailed VAR results from emissions forecast model

Forecasted Emissions Factors

Carbon Emissions Forecast Bounds

Modeling distributed generation systems in Boston, Massachusetts

The Response of Developing Island Economies to Coral Bleaching Events. James George Baldwin, Michael L. Mann, Dana Marie Bauer, Mallory M. Nomack. In review Ecological Economics

Supplemental images for climate exposure paper.